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Have mums‘ and dads‘ back

We are Julia & Anna - the founders of heynannyly

Our aim is to consciously support parents.

In 2022, it MUST be absolutely possible to have sufficient space for personal development and ambitious job opportunities, or just for the breathing  exercise in between. And all this with happy children and the challenges of everyday life.

We ourselves have been there with our young families and decided to create something that was unfortunately missing for us. We are Anna and Julia - the founders of heynannyly.

A little bit about us...

Ein Foto von Anna mit Luftballons


"The basis for a fulfilling life is to also give space to your own issues."

I have been a passionate babysitter for years alongside my job as HR Director. It was exactly during one of these babysitting assignments that I got the idea for heynannyly.

Ein Foto von Julia mit Luftballons


"... when my husband and I had to reorganise our schedules at short notice, it was incredibly difficult to coordinate."

As a full-time working mum of 2, I gained exactly these experiences for many years. My personal desire was to develop professionally and still have happy children.  

What Anna had experienced as a babysitter was my everyday life. Thanks to the nursery and after-school care, the basic daily routine could usually be organised. However, if my husband and I had to go away on the same day or had to rearrange things at short notice, it was incredibly difficult to coordinate. Since there were always these time challenges regarding my job, it was completely natural for me not to do anything for myself in the few free hours. Doing a Yoga session or going to a Thai massage - unthinkable. In the meantime, my awesome boys are 7 and 10 years old and I have gained a new self-image. Great luck is our babysitter Sophia, whom the boys always look forward to when I announce that she is coming.

When I met Anna on the PANDA network and heard about her start-up, I was on fire immediately. Now, as co-founder, I am able to drive this network forward together with her and screen and qualify trustworthy and certified babysitters for you. Because that's what makes us special - all nannies are trained and can provide first aid for kids. Trust and safety are our top priorities.

The team heynannyly:


Co-Founder & Babysitter


Co-Founder & working Mom


Community Management


Full Stack Developer



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