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Become a nanny with us!

Babysitting and homework support - You determine your price and your time

How you can work as a Nanny at heynannyly

Option 1: Earnings up to €520 per month - mini job

Here the parents register you. You are limited to €520 per month.

Option 2: Want to earn more than €520? - Quite simply with the trade license

If you want to work independently as a childcare worker, would like to earn more than €520 a month and want to decide where, when and at what price you want to work, you need a trade licence.

You can request this very easily and without much effort on the same day from your responsible authority.
Step 1
Download the business license form and fill it out. You don't know how to do it yet? It is best to put our sample down for comparison.
Step 2
You can easily send the application by post or email (along with a copy of your ID) to your competent authority, and you will usually receive a duplicate in the post within a week.

You can also book a personal appointment through the authority, then you will receive a duplicate immediately. (Appointment Munich: Dates Trade Office (muenchen.de))
Why do I need a trade license?

Childcare workers who are registered with heynannyly work independently and are not employed by heynannyly. Heynannyly acts as an intermediary between childcare providers and clients, giving you access to a large client base. In addition, you can plan independently when, where and at what price you want to work - and remain flexible.

What do I have to bring with me to the appointment at the trade office / regulatory office?

Fill out the empty business registration form and copy your identity card. Bring both with you to your appointment. For foreign nationals (with the exception of EU countries): a copy of a valid residence permit for self-employment

What do I do after I have received my trade license?

As soon as you have received your trade license, you can enter your trade license profile in your profile, which will also be displayed to your potential customers in your public profile. Sign up here.

How do I get health insurance if I don't already have one from my main job?

In Germany there is a general health insurance obligation. This means that every person living in Germany must be insured with a statutory or private health insurance company.

Anyone who already has statutory health insurance in Germany and has only recently become self-employed may be paying too high contributions (contributions to statutory health insurance depend on income). A more favorable classification may be possible or private insurance recommended.

What do I have to consider with the tax?

If you are expected to generate a total turnover  of no more than 22,000 euros in the year of founding, you can apply for the VAT small business regulation. To do this, simply enter the small business regulation and a turnover of up to a maximum of 22,000 euros on the form that the tax office will send you. All you have to do is submit your tax return by March 31st of the following year with an income surplus statement (EÜR).

This is super fast within a few hours with the WISO tax ✔️ tax return online with the test winner (buhl.de). You can find all receipts in your account under Invoices. If your previous annual turnover is more than EUR 22,000 or less, but the turnover for the current year is likely to exceed EUR 50,000, you must register for VAT (full VAT liability).

Sign up for the course "First aid for children" of the Johanniter

This Johanniter course can help you generate more bookings
The course gives you the confidence to act consciously in emergency situations.
From the 5th booking that you have generated after the course, we will refund you the costs*.
*You can find out how to get reimbursed for the course in the FAQs.

Your advantages when you become a nanny with us:

Free use with full service
Protected space
With a trade license you can work full-time as a nanny
Liability insurance during your heynannyly service
Flexible working hours
You determine your hourly wage
Frequent bookings are worthwhile for you! A well-maintained profile with a recognizable extended certificate of good conduct is also a plus for all searching Moms & Dads and has an effect on the ranking in the search results.

Tipps for your start at heynannyly

On our YouTube channel you will find helpful videos about becoming a nanny at heynannyly.

Have a look!
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At heynannyly you will find the right babysitting jobs for you

Babysitting jobs shouldn't be a challenge. With the help of digitalization, you no longer have to rely on knowing someone in your neighborhood who needs the help of a loving babysitter. Heynannyly is a smart matchmaking platform that connects babysitters to parents and makes babysitting jobs easier.

Advantages of the babysitting job

The babysitting job is widespread and very popular. But why actually? It allows people of all ages, backgrounds, and work experience to contribute to society. Babysitters become part of a family. They provide support in everyday life and close bonds and a familiar relationship develop between the family and the babysitter. Babysitting jobs are among the social activities that people enjoy doing.

Babysitter Jobs: Why you should become a babysitter

But the babysitting job is not only popular and highly regarded in society. It gives students in particular the opportunity to supplement their pocket money and make social contacts. In babysitting jobs you learn not only how to take care of children, but also how to find your way in the working world. You get the opportunity to learn how to manage the money you earn yourself.

So who benefits from babysitters?

The whole family
The community

Where can you find suitable babysitting jobs?

It is not easy to entrust your child to a stranger. But more and more loving babysitters are being sought. If you want to find babysitting jobs, create a profile on heynannyly for free now.
You can determine your own time when you want to work. You are your own boss and have all the advantages of this independence. You can do the babysitting job as a mini-job, or with the help of a trade license part-time or even full-time.

Who needs a babysitter? 

All needs are different. Many parents ask themselves "How do we find a babysitter for our child?" and have to realize that it is not so easy to find qualified and loving babysitters. Some need irregular care, for example for the weekend or for an evening alone. Others are looking for babysitters for regular times, to pick them up from daycare or to take care of them afterwards. 
Often babysitting jobs are staffed by females, but at heynannyly all genders are represented in the nanny role. You can also find educational professionals at heynannyly when it comes to carefree and individualized care for your kids. 

How do you become a babysitter?

You can easily sign up for free at heynannyly. 
Create your profile, complete all the details
Add an introduction video, as well as a biography 
In addition, you can deposit your certificate of good conduct, which creates additional trust with the parents. 
When you enter your availability, parents can see your profile - if their requested time overlaps with your specified time, so plan your availability generously
Through the chat function, potential families can text you and you can get to know each other better

What qualifications do you need?

You don't need any qualifications to work as a babysitter with heynannyly. The important thing is that you are of age and like to play with children and support them in their development. You will become an important caregiver in their lives, you should be aware of that. 

If you bring qualifications, that's great! 

For example, have you already had babysitting jobs, are you active in the educational field, or are you otherwise involved with kids in some other way? Then you can state this in your biography or tell about it in your introduction video. 
Hobbies such as handicrafts, painting, or playing games also help to make the daily routine of the babysitting job easier for you. This is a good prerequisite to break the ice with the little ones and to exchange ideas. 

Getting help with babysitting jobs

How about bringing your favorite game for the first of your many future babysitting jobs? This initiative is appreciated by parents as well as kids and is a great way to get to know the children with all their characteristics.
Heynannyly matches loving babysitters with parents. Our goal is to hear them say "we found the perfect babysitter for our child". However, in the search for the perfect babysitter, heynannyly supports not only the parents, but the nannies as well.
If something is unclear, or you have questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact us here