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All questions and answers about heynannyly

The most important things in a nutshell


You have to cancel your booked nanny? This can happen, and the agreed appointment will then be canceled directly in your profile on

The booking is canceled directly in the profile. If the cancellation is made up to 24 hours before the booked appointment, we will refund our heynannyly service fee. The same applies if the nanny does not show up for the booked appointment.

What is heynannyly?

Who are we?

heynannyly is a marketplace for the placement of trustworthy and qualified childcare.  We - that's the two founders - Anna and Julia - have always been babysitters and mothers ourselves in addition to our full-time jobs. We stand for simple, fair and open communication, for diversity on our platform and for fair payment for the incredibly important care task. And we believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child and make them strong. If you'd like to read more about our founder’s story, please visit our About Us page.

Can I book even if my company has not purchased heynannyly as a benefit and what will it cost me?

No - we are a B2B only service. Just talk to your HR department and make an intro. We are happy to support you via your company.

How can I book a nanny?

Register on our platform with a few details. Then you can view all available nannies based on your location, your filter details and the childcare time you need. Check the profiles and choose together with your kids. Within a short time you will receive a confirmation and can then relax. We will send your address to the nanny and the heynannyly fee will be paid easily online.

Can I always book the same nanny?

Absolutely. With a little bit of flexibility and a look at your last bookings, a new booking is possible. In case the dates don't match, you can pick an alternative from our available nannys.

How short notice can I book?

The earlier you book, the more choice and free time slots our nannies have. However, since we also want to give you support on short notice, we make sure that there are enough flexible and spontaneous nannies in our network. Your date request will be confirmed at short notice if the booking is suitable. So that you can (re-)organise quickly.

Tax deductibility

If the employees pay for the childcare themselves, this can be tax-deductible. Incidentally, it is a prerequisite that a receipt is available and the payment is made as a bank transfer. These conditions are always met at our company.

In which cities is heynannyly available?

So far we are available in Augsburg, Bamberg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Burgkunstadt, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Essen, Erlangen, Frankfurt am Main, Gelsenkirchen, Gütersloh, Hamburg, Hanover, Herzogenaurach, Hochstadt an der Aisch, Ingolstadt, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Cologne, Leipzig, Lübeck, Mainz, Mönchengladbach, Munich, Münster, Norderstedt, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Regensburg, Stuttgart and Wuppertal.

Safety & Quality

How are the nannys validated?

We check the identity of all nannies on the basis of their identity card and request an extended criminal record check (“erweitertes Führungszeugnis”). This record check can be viewed in the nanny's profile. A successfully passed video interview is also required for acceptance into the network. Our promise of quality: Only those we would book ourselves for our own children are accepted into our network.

Is the nanny insured?

All of our nannies have liability insurance from us during the booked heynannyly period. Full protection for on the go and at home. The expensive vase accidentally breaks or there is an accident at home or when you pick it up from the day care center? Don't worry, we're here for you. We have personal injury, property damage and financial loss covered.

Is private childcare also possible during lockdown?

Yes, private childcare is allowed during a lockdown according to the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality. Local regulations per incidence apply. If the nanny is vaccinated/genuinely healthy, we encourage them to already state this currently in their profile. Voluntary testing and compliance with all hygiene measures is of course recommended. How you handle this in communication with your nanny is up to you. If you or your nanny experience typical Covid 19 symptoms, we ask you to cancel the appointment as soon as possible.

How does heynannyly guarantee the diversity of nannys?

At heynannyly, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our childcare services - not only in terms of the wide range of activities and services, but especially in terms of the diverse personalities of our nannies.  Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. For our senior citizens, we also provide extra access outside the app to eliminate any potential obstacle due to technical operation.

What happens in the event of damage?

Report the damage directly to We will contact the insurer as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Feedback & Settings

How can I give feedback on a booking?

We are currently working on a 5-star rating system and already offer the opportunity to say THANK YOU via the heart symbol in the nanny's profile if you were satisfied.

My question was not answered here. What do I do now?

Well, just write to us at:

Become a nanny

How can I become a nanny (m/f/d)?

Simply log in to our (web)app by registering with your contact details. We will then automatically guide you through the individual registration steps. Please have your identity card at hand as we need it for your identity check. At the end of the registration process, a link will take you to a standardised short interview, which you can do easily and without preparation online. Our aim is to get to know you personally and to hear more about you and your previous experience and motivation for babysitting. After a successful interview evaluation and completion of your profile, you will receive a confirmation and activation in our network. Now you can record a short video for the kids, boost your profile and update your calendar. And then you're ready to go... We wish you awesome bookings and are happy to continue to be there for you.

Where can I apply for an extended criminal record check (“erweitertes Führungszeugnis”)?

During the registration process, we will ask you for an extended criminal record check (“erweitertes Führungszeugnis”), which you can upload in your profile. To get your record check, just apply for it online via the Federal Central Register: Antrag Führungszeugnis. Please consider the application and the processing fee of 13 € as an investment for your future jobs as we cannot give you a refund. If you already have an extended criminal record check (“erweitertes Führungszeugnis”) that is not older than 2 years, you can upload that one in our system.  

What is the best way to create a video for my profile?

Keep it simple and authentic - show yourself exactly as you are. You can use your mobile phone camera to briefly introduce yourself in 1.5-2 minutes and tell us about your experience in babysitting (e.g. did you look after your younger siblings, do you have your own children or are you perhaps even a trained educator), what would you enjoy doing with the children and what is important to you. Are you the world's best reader or rather the adventure playground type or the Lego queen? When recording, please make sure you have enough light, good sound and that you are recording in landscape format. If you offer different languages, take the last 2-3 sentences to show your language skills. This is especially interesting for our expat parents and also for children who grow up multilingual.

Why should I have my profile with heynannyly and not with any other babysitter agency?

Because you can introduce yourself individually with a personal video. And directly to the kids. Having watched your video, one does not have to be able to read to know whether one can have fun with you and is therefore looking forward to spending time with you. In addition, we offer you a very fair hourly compensation and insurance cover during your nanny assignment and also on the road with the kids (pick-up from daycare, transport to sports classes, etc.). Through our network and the registration of mothers and fathers, we also offer you a safe space for your work. And we keep up with the times - short assignments, chats and direct calendar entries all via (web)app while on the move. Plus our other benefits for you, which we are still working on. Let us surprise you!

How quickly should I respond to booking requests?

We would like to make an appointment possible for inquiring moms and dads at short notice. Therefore, when you register, we ask whether you would like to be able to book at short notice within the same day. In this case, however, it is mandatory to check your mobile phone regularly in order not to lose any orders. Parents need a booking confirmation within 90 minutes. Otherwise you will be informed that you can request an alternative nanny to be on the safe side. In this case you lose the order again. Short-term bookability means hard cash and is really worth it - in addition to your hourly wage you get an extra €5 express bonus per hour.

How am I insured?

You have commercial liability insurance with us while you are doing your heynannyly work. Whatever goes wrong in your client's household or on the way from kindergarten or school, sports club, etc. Don't worry! All larger damages are covered by us, a deductible of 100€ remains.

I already have a trade licence (“Gewerbeschein”). What do I have to do? Where do I enter this?

We ask you for this information when setting up your profile. You can tick the box and we and the mothers and fathers booking will know straight away.

My business is not subject to the Small Business Act. What should I do?

In this case, please contact us immediately:

I need to register with the Minijob-Zentrale? What do I have to do?

If you don't have your own business license, that's no problem. When you register, we will send you an overview of tax law issues and ask you to tick the box “I work on a mini-job basis” on your nanny profile. This way, the parents know when booking that they have to register with the Minijob-Zentrale. You can find more information here: Minijob-Zentrale

Can I accept bookings even in the event of a lockdown?

Yes, according to the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality, private childcare is also allowed in the event of a lockdown. Local regulations per incidence apply. If you have already been vaccinated/recovered, you can voluntarily state this in your profile. Of course, we recommend voluntary testing and compliance with all hygiene measures. If you experience typical Covid 19 symptoms, we kindly ask you to cancel the booking as soon as possible.

How do I get my money?

Your hourly compensation will be paid to you directly in cash by the parents at the end of your service.

What do I do if I did not feel well during an assignment or something happened (accident, argument, etc.)?

We hope that this will not happen to you. However, if something happens that you don't expect and don't know how to deal with - contact directly. We will try to find a good solution for you as soon as possible and support you.

How should I prepare for childcare?

Please plan to bring enough drinks and, if necessary, a small snack for your childcare time. Our service for parents also means that they do not have to prepare anything especially for you. Make sure that you do not bring any sweets or unhealthy crisps/coke that the kids might want to get a share of. If your assignment is for a few hours, it would be great if you plan your meals completely outside of childcare.

I'm sick and can't make my assignment at short notice. What now?

This can always happen and first of all we wish you a quick and good recovery. The sooner you cancel the booking, the easier it is to find a good replacement. We recommend that you not only cancel the booking, but also send a personal message to the parents. For quality reasons, we reserve the right to follow up within 24h in case of an unfounded cancellation and, if necessary, also to exclude you from the network.

I am mega flexible and can imagine being available at short notice. What do I have to do?

Wonderful, then please register normally and indicate your willingness for last minute bookings during the registration process. We will then book you for cancelled nanny care times and at short notice within the same day in addition to your regular jobs and automatically increase your hourly compensation for the last minute bookings by 5€/hour. So that it is all the more worthwhile for you.

Does it pay off for me to conclude many bookings via heynannyly?

Definitely YES. Apart from the fact that you confirm the booking through us in the terms and conditions and enrich and secure our great network with your loyalty, we are currently working on an incentive for our power nannies. The more bookings, the more benefits await you. Let us surprise you and subscribe to our newsletter so that you won’t miss any of our news and updates..

How do I get reimbursed for the cost of the Johanniter first aid course?

From the 5th booking that you have generated after the course, we will reimburse you for the cost of the course. Simply send your payment receipt for the course and the receipts for the five completed bookings to

My question was not answered here. What should I do?

Well, just write to us via  

Minijob registration

Minijob registration

If your nanny (m/f/d) works on a minijob basis, you can register here: Minijob registration

You will receive a tax reduction for your nanny (m/f/d) in addition to favorable taxes. You can simply claim this from the tax office on your income tax return. The income tax for you is reduced by 20 percent of your expenses. This is a maximum of 510€ per year or 42.50€ per month. With the Household Check Calculator of the Minijob-Zentrale you can quickly determine your tax advantage.

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to text us.